Mapa de Senegal

Por en octubre 3, 2010 en Mapas del Mundo


Mapa de Senegal con sus ciudades principales, ríos y parques nacionales más importantes de este país africano. Excelente para usar en presentaciones o tareas del colegio.

Senegal es un país franco parlante además de que la mayoría de su población, el 96%, es musulmana.

¿Te gusta el mapa? ¿Ya lo has usado?



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  1. Kevin dice:

    last anonymous: i think your pjtoecring and being a weeny bit defensive. It was the post before mine that suggested a shame factor – something I had not considered. In fact I think the difference comes in part from Senegal being more broadly a Muslim culture – there are directives on the use of chewing sticks in the Hadith. But there may also be a flora factor – the aromatic plants (several are used in Senegal) may not be available further east, so sticks are used for more functional cleaning purposes in Nigeria, whereas they have that plus a chewing-for-taste factor further west. This is all conjecture, not intended to ‘diss’ as you put it.